Google's ghastly guilt shoes

One can only hope that the Google video that has appeared online, starring a pair of talking shoes, is a joke. The video was unveiled by Google at the South by Southwest arts festival and basically, it stars a pair of trainers that have been fitted with Bluetooth technology and it communicates to your headphones.

The video shows the shoes berating you for sitting still for too long, saying "this is boring" and talking about how it loves the feeling of wind through its laces. Basically, it's an item of clothing designed to berate you and some idiot will end up calling them Shoogle or something.

The trainers are in prototype form currently and will be riding the trend started by the Google Glass launch. Wearable technology seems to be the future and it's all getting a bit terrifying now. Someone will be developing a talking couch with a built in ejector seat to force us into exercise.

Of course, talking shoes isn't a new idea as MC Hammer invented them in the early 90s. Click here to see Hammer's talking shoes and we greatly look forward to his inevitable lawsuit against the search engine giant.

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