Google Tipjar brings personal finance to web 2.0

Google says that the economic difficulties of recent months prompted them to think of simple ways to help. Even though there were money saving tips scattered around the Internet, they weren't aggregated in one place, so Google decided to use its Moderator application to bring money saving tips together.

Google Tipjar is a new moderated compilation of money saving tips that are corralled at The tips are categorized into eight topics: home, work, finance, kids and family, shop, food, cars and transportation, and travel. Anyone can contribute a tip, and anyone reading tips has the ability to affect a tip's popularity by voting a tip up or down.

Here are a few high-ranking tips in the category "shopping" from the site:

"Utilize online bill pay with your bank. It keeps you in much closer contact with your money, as you can keep a very close eye on your balance and be in much less danger of overdrafting. It saves you money on stamps and paper checks." -The Simple Dollar,

"Record every purchase. A few years ago I decided to do this for one month, but I saved so much money that I stuck with it. No more impulse gum, coffee or magazine purchases, and it allowed me to both create and stick to an annual budget." -Dough Roller,

"Turn your computer off at night" -guidewire, Saskatchewan, Canada

"Turn off the lights in the rooms of your house that you are not occupying. Make it a habit to flip the switch each time you leave a room. Save electricity and save on your bill." -Krista, Chicago
"Buy a water filter and take your own water to the gym/sports etc. bottled water is expensive, unnecessary and bad for the environment" -Dough Roller,
"Never purchase expensive items on impulse. Think over each expensive purchase for at least 24 hours. Acting on this principle will mean you have far fewer regrets about impulse purchases, and far more money for emergency savings." -America Saves,

It's a pretty cool web 2.0 type site to check out, but there's quite a few rubbish ideas and suggestions. It might be a good place to click around for five minutes while waiting on an e-mail or just running out of sites to browse at work. Overall, there's probably a tip or two in there that can save a family or two from financial meltdown.


  • Dough R.
    Vince, thanks for mentioning TipJar. The idea is pretty cool, but it will take some time for the voting to push the good stuff to the top. We'll see if any of the tips from The Dough Roller can survive!
  • dOm
    Turn off the lights when leaving a room? Never purchase expensive items on impulse? Amazing insights there!
  • david n.
    "TipJar" with the capital J is a service mark of Tipjar LLC. Google's "tipjar" is a demonstration of their "moderator" application.
  • huge
    it should be a good site for b2c. there are chinavasion DX and so on .
  • 365trustbuy
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