Google Maps: now helping cyclists avoid big hills

18 July 2014

bike cycling Hipster cyclists like nothing more than tackling a huge hill in full lycra kit, rewarding themselves with some craft ale at the top, then taking a photo of it on Instagram. This is to say: "Look at me! I'm doing exercise, but I'm drinking beer, so I'm not like those other arses with their kale."

Of course, they're exactly the same as those other arses.

Most people who have bikes just want to stretch their legs for a mooch or commute to work, so hills aren't exactly a thrilling prospect. No-one wants to turn up at the office with sweat dripping off them.

Google Maps already has a function where you can see cycle routes, but the latest update include journeys based on elevation, which means you can avoid hard climbs if you want to. Or indeed, you can look for more strenuous journeys, if that's your thing.

Android Police have reported that there's tools to compare different elements of your journey and a whole bunch of voice controls to help you out too.

You can ask Google Maps what the traffic is like and get estimates on arrival times and such.

Android Police have made a video of the new features and, as you'll see, they're not 100% great but a decent idea if you get around on your bike a lot.

Just don't use it while pedalling through traffic or you'll end up nothing more than a stain on the road.

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  • Alistair B.
    Surely hipster cyclists live in East London, ride single speed bikes, never encounter hills and wear jeans rolled up to mid calf?

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