"Goodnight! Where are the car keys?"

It's not quite as sexy as the car in The Man With The Golden Gun, but this one actually flies. It's a genuine aerocar, which means as well as taking to the skies, you can trundle along to Tesco for the big shop too, once you removed the tale and wings. And assuming you don't mind looking like a prize tit. What's more, it's yours for the taking on eBay right now, for the princely sum of $3.5 million:

Patented in 1956, it's clocked up over 1,100 hours in the air so you're guaranteed it won't fall out of it. Although the last major inspection was 1976, so perhaps you're not. You've only got 12 days left to get a bid in, so best start worrying the savings account today.

[cnet] via @jemimakiss


  • Mike H.
    Somehow, I don't think the BMW and Audi driving folk that litter our motorways with their common as muck cars, will be very pleased if I pulled out and stuck a huge wing through their passenger side window, at least I will have my own back, ha.
  • Sam
    They had this on James May's Big Ideas back along... it was awesome in flight!

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