Goodbye wolves, hello hippopoticorns!

If you’re a regular reader of Bitterwallet or the internet for that matter, you’ll probably be familiar with the Three Wolf Moon t-shirt (right) that attracted a glut of hilariously sarcastic customer reviews on Amazon. As we write this, there are 1,277 different testimonials to the majesty of the garment for you to peruse.

The makers of the t-shirt don’t mind – their sales figures of the Three Wolf Moon have far exceeded anything they would have expected if the entire internet hadn’t taken the piss out of them. So everyone’s happy.

Not everyone it seems. What if you like the idea of a t-shirt featuring animals howling at the moon but you have an aversion to wolves? What if you yearn to see a hybrid of a hippopotamus and a unicorn howling (barking?) at the moon? What is there out there for you?

Well, there’s this. But there doesn’t seem to be anywhere for you to post your reviews. Shame.

[Daily What]


  • Julie L.
    Hilarious article. Personally, i would prefer the hippos to the wolves any day.
  • Eddiex
    Fuck hippos and wolves,give us penguins.
  • Mark M.
    Three moons howling at a wolf?
  • The B.
    [...] many of the 1,300 reviews on Amazon suggested. Then the world shunned the wolf, and welcomed the hippopoticorn, a sadly extinct beast that was said to spin the finest yarn from [...]
  • New B.
    [...] looks and sounds fantastic but like the hippopticorn, may end up being a thing of myth and legend, an idea that was never made real because of money and [...]
  • Dakky
    How about Narwhals?
  • gxcvsb
    wtf? dickhead.

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