Bitterwallet's good invention, bad invention

We're always on the hunt for inventions that'll make our lives more exciting or enjoyable, partly because mankind has an insatiable appetite for new ideas, but mostly because we're soulless automatons with short attention spans who'd prefer to utilise our limited brainpower on programming Sky+.

So in a bid to feed your endless flame of curiosity / shake you out of the intellectual coma induced by Dancing On ice, Bitterwallet has read every single page on the internet* and turned up two of the newest inventions for your perusal; one is a stroke of genius, the other less so.

The first is the work of designer Sebastian Errazuriz, which may distract other road users to their death, but will doubtless bring a happy smile to small children and otherwise terrified bank tellers:

Contrast the feeling of gentle joy washing over you now, to the fetid stench of luncacy when you consider this nonsensical device. Is there no room for parenting in a child's life anymore? Instead, are we to leave such teachings to a mechanical representation of Michael Jackson's hand, a song recorded in a jet engine, and an unintentionally hilarious toilet roll holder?

* except the pages with porn on**

** they don't need reading, see

[Boing Boing Gadgets] [SlipperyBrick]


  • spong_miester
    That Helmet is the Dogs, Where can i get one
  • therealslimkaty
    Love the crash helmet!! That toilet seat company is sure to be sued for scaring the crap (hmm handy) out of toddlers, who refuse to use the loo after that!
  • Juan K.
    Dude looks like a LEGO man!

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