Good grief, it's the return of Tesco Value Cards!

Around this time last year, you may remember we reported on the brilliance that was Tesco Value Cards - greetings cards in a Tesco Value style that were free to download. There wasn't long for avid Bitterwallet readers to enjoy them, however - 24 hours later, the Tesco legal team moved in and made enough noise for the site owner to shut up shop for good.

Bitterwallet - Tesco Value Cards

One year on, and just in time for Valentine's Day, Tesco Value Cards are back with a brand new owner and a similarly crappy website. We conducted an exclusive interview with the shadowy figure in charge of the new budget card empire, who refused to be identified:

Tesco Value Cards are fantastic. I've given out dozens, and they never fail to amuse. They should be given the chance to continue to inspire and insult.

I've heard nothing from Tesco yet, although the previous owner told me that other (less impressive) value card websites have never faltered in their web presence. Tesco can get in touch if they really want, but we're not giving in. There have been nearly 100,000 downloads now of these cards. Tesco need to realise the good we're doing for them, not the bad!

As you can see from the site - there are no adverts, no asking for payments, no money exchanging hands of any sort. I don't make a penny. I actually pay to host the site. Either way, we'll be here longer than Tesco.

Bold words from the new Tesco Value Cards, and no doubt there'll already be twitching in the trousers of the Tesco suits. Get your Tesco Value Cards today people!


  • The B.
    Can I download one whilst barefoot in my pyjamas?
  • Bo
    IM so glad i read this.......
    This was funny 3 years ago.
  • Craig E.
    Scanned the barcode using RedLaser for iPhone only to find out that I'm actually downloading 'Bigfeet' DVD. Nice.
  • Nobby
    It's a shame they didn't invest a bit more time on the barcodes this time around - they are all the same. They could have had some fun ... for example, the barcode for the engagement card could have been for the book "Sex for Dummies", whilst the valentines one could have been the same as the one on a pack of johnnies. The new home card could have had the barcode for the book "Sorting Out Your Finances for Dummies", the new baby card could be for the book "Keeping the Baby Alive Till Your Wife Gets Home: The Tough New How-to for 21st Century Dads", whilst the deepest sympathy card could have the barcode for the rampant rabbit.
  • Macca
    Yeah! becuase the first thing your Valentine will do is grab a barcode scanner!
  • -]
    but these are comedy valentine cards - the type of person you give them to may just scan the barcode, to see what it was really from.

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