Going to the US? Enjoy happy hour <I>everywhere</I>

Vince is buggering off to the States tomorrow, for the better part of a month. He only told us today, and it's slowly dawning on us that we'll have to do his work while he's away. That means less time for Andy and I to play bread frisbee in the office, and no slying away for three hour liquid lunch breaks.

We're going to let Vince enjoy his little trip, then introduce Andy's size 8 hobnails to his face upon his return. To ensure Vince is at his most vulnerable, we've introduced him to Myopenbar.com, a website that lists bars carrying drinks promotions.

If you're heading to the US anytime soon, use it to ensure those dollars stretch a little further. Fancy getting drunk in NYC for free? Endless sangria for $10 in LA? More mojitos that you can chug down in Miami? They're all here. Currently the site only lists venues in New York, LA, San Francisco, Chicago, Honolulu and Miami, but is promising to add more cities soon.

With any luck Vince will return three stone heavier and permanently drunk, at which point we'll kick his face clean off his head. But don't tell him. It's a surprise.


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  • SJT
    awesome. Just emailed this to all my American buddies!

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