GoDaddy make promises at CES2014 but there's a dead elephant in the room

GoDaddy - the domain and hosting company - have been at CES2014 saying that they're going to make getting a website easier for all and introducing .lawyer, .doctor, .pizza and other wacky URL suffixes.

However, GoDaddy have bitten the hand that feeds it by supporting government plans to censor what people can see online, resulting in a call to boycott the company. And again, people are keen to remind everyone about the head honcho at GoDaddy - Bob Parsons - and this photo.


Parsons has been attacked by animal rights groups for Tweeting a video where you can see him shooting an elephant to death in Zimbabwe.

Not having it, Parsons said: "The tribal authorities requested that I and others like me patrol the fields before and during the harvest" and that opposition to him only exists with keyboard warriors, rather than actual customers. However, PETA were a customer until this happened.

Thus prompting the question - if you're offered a cheap deal, would the morals of someone at the company put you off, or is the contents of your wallet the overriding decision maker, despite what you might think of the people at the top?



  • Coran
    Not the first (and unlikely the last) time GoDaddy has had negative press. Don't forget their sexist advert.
  • Jack C.
    Bob Parson is no longer involved in the day-to-day operations atr GoDaddy as he was bought out in the KKR/Silverlake transaction and now only serves as the company's Chairman of the Board, largely an honorary title. The new CEO is Blake Irving, ex-of Yahoo and Microsoft who is awesome and committed to changing the culture and image of the company. I am a new Vice President there.
  • Pissoff
    ^genuine cunt
  • Gordon B.
    I switched away from GoDaddy when they decided that slaughtering elephants was a good use of the profits they earned from me. I can't really remember who I went with ... I still get the same domain name and it costs roughly the same. At least I know the execs are wasting my money on coke and hookers rather than killing endangered species.
  • Coran
    @Jack Connell: I think any new CEO would need to throw large sums of money at good causes to repair their damaged image. What's Blake Irving done so far?

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