Global Recession Spikes UK Sales of Kidneys and Tongues (No, Not Human)

Tough economic times and rising food costs appear to be having a somewhat concerning effect.  The Time featured an article discussing the surge in popularity of Brits moving away from normal food to festing on... organs.
Offal, also known as "variety meats", surging in sales by 67% over the past 5 years due to high cost of prime meat cuts and rising food costs:

At ASDA, Britain's second largest supermarket chain and a subsidiary of Wal-Mart, offal sales were up 20% last month compared to November 2007. Sainsbury's, the country's third largest supermarket chain, is selling 48% more pig livers, 22% more chicken livers and 8% more pig kidney than it was last year. Overall, sales of offal in the U.K. are expected to reach more than $62 million this year according to industry analysts Mintel."

"It's price-driven," says Bob Cotton, CEO of the British Hospitality Association, which represents 60,000 hotels and restaurants in the U.K. "I couldn't say the British public have suddenly fallen in love with offal. That would be gilding the lily."

Offal has been a British tradition since WWII.  Bring on the BSE love, man!



  • Bob
    Urgh, I've just done a little bit of brie and salami sick in my mouth.
  • Martin
    I love liver and bacon with mash - I hope people don't start rushing for liver and leave the shelves bare. So long as Jamie Fucking Oliver doesn't do something with it on TV, I should be OK.
  • Andy D.
    Thanks for using his full name there Martin. Nice one.
  • Tsoek C.
    Can't beat Steamed Chilli/Ginger Tripe, Steamed Royal Chicken Feet, yum. In China, try the local Chinese restaurants, plenty of deep fried insects that are high in protein. Kidneys & tongues is nothing, tried Steak & Kidney pie? Same stuff that goes in it. Until you try something that is not your daily food intake, don't knock it as the locals live on it. Seen people who go on holiday abroad but never try the local delicacies & just order Steak & Chips from the hotel, typical.
  • Bernard B.
    Poo Fernley Shittingstool was doing something with some tongue so stock up quick before it all goes.
  • grandmaster j.
    Is there anything we won't eat, given the right circumstances? Ooh, hang on, Pot Noodles aren't classed as food,are they?

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