Give feedback to Pret A Manger, only if you can find out how

Pret A Manger care what you think. No really, they do. They want to know whether you think their service is good or bad, whether their food costs more than is reasonable and whether their shop interiors resemble giant galvanised ovens that come the revolution will cook alive the meeja executives that frequent them.

They. Care. In fact, Pret on Regent Street care so much that they've postcards on the counter that customers can leave their feedback on:

ManagerJan has kindly placed the postcards almost out of sight, probably to keep them out of the way of customers handing over bags of money for a sandwich. Of course, those who do spot them can fill them in and post them in the box marked for customer feedback.

Where do you find that, then? Obviously, you'll find it on the wall behind the tables in the far corner of the shop, made of the same material as the wall so you'll never notice it, above the eye level of the customers:

Sadly the staff don't provide step-ladders for you to reach the box, thereby forcing you to address them with your complaints and rendering the whole process of leaving feedback on the postcard utterly pointless.


  • chrisg
    What else would you expect from Jack's sister?
  • Quagmire
    Must be a short arse not to reach that! Explains some of the pointless rants and arguements you post on this site! You're obviously suffering from short arse syndrome!
  • Tom P.
    If you've got a beef with Pret, post it here at BW.
  • River C.
    The box looks extremely noticeable to me, it has a bright red ring around it to highlight its location.
  • Jon
    jahahhahahaha - oh stop it - i haven't laughed this much in ages!!!!!
  • Liam
    Pret are wankers.

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