Getty Images will sell your photography through Flickr

Bitterwallet - Flickr logoDigital technology and its mainstream uptake has seen professional disciplines become the playthings of the amateur. Photography is a case in point - everybody is a part-time wedding photographer or never seen outside without a camera lens the length of a French fan's face. But there's good news if you do enjoy taking snaps and sharing them through Flickr - there's a chance to make to make some coin.

In July 2008, Getty Images partnered with Flickr and many of the semi-professional and professional photographers who showcase their work there; Getty wanted to expand its library by licencing images on the site for commercial use. Now Getty are going to open up that offer to all 40 million users, so they can be paid for their work to be used elsewhere.

Getty told the BBC: "We have contributors from over 100 counties and images are coming in from every corner of the globe. This deal broadens the horizons and the global marketplace for commercial photography and gives our users the chance to make some money."

The rates vary, depending on the specific usage of the image, but Getty can pay up to £200 for a large-sized, high quality image. Flickr users can find out more about how to license their work here on the site.


  • M4RKM
    And finally, I've joined flikr. I might be able to earn £1 in the next year..
  • Alexis
    This just means Getty will become Stock.xchng ( Except the images will be the same quality, but not free.
  • Codify
    Wow. Time to wheel out that boring old fart who whined about the BBC using one of his pictures as an interview backdrop without licensing it. I'm sure he'll love this development - he can make about 50p per year now from his shitty images
  • Jonny S.
    Wow known to carry grudges?
  • digriz
    Friend of mine sold a few pictures recently. It helps if they are landmarks to be fair but still, a nice little side income for some. Might even be worth upgrading my account, _digriz_ if anyone cares to look.

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