Get Out Of Your Skol For Less Than A Quid!

We haven’t included this one in HotUKDeals Of The Day because we’re not sure if it’s a deal or the beginnings of the end of civilisation as we know it. ASDA are flogging four cans of Skol lager for an astonishing 90p – even cheaper than bottled water.

The offer works out at just 51p a litre – almost half the price of a four pack of Evian water, which sells for 97p a litre.

Granted, ASDA already stock their own brand low-strength lager for roughly the same cost, but bringing Skol down to that price point is going to seem like Manna from Heaven for some budget indoor booze fans.

Alcohol Concern chief Don Shenker told The Sun: “These low prices have a real impact on under-age drinkers and on heavy drinkers. This crazy practice of selling alcohol so cheap does nothing for the community or for the supermarkets themselves because they make no money.”

Yeah, because supermarkets REALLY care about the community don’t they? ASDA were quick enough to come after me when I tried taking one of their supposedly ‘free’ trolleys home to store some bedding plants in back in May. Swines.

In the interests of openness, I should also add that my uncle gave me four cans of Skol for Christmas in 2002 – they’re still languishing, untouched, in a cupboard under the sink. Yours for 89p.

Mmmm…. antique booze. Any takers? No...?


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    [...] it was the insanity of getting mullered on four cans of Skol for less than a quid. Too down-market for your palette? Fair [...]
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