Germany bans Uber

uber taxi Spain banned Uber taxis, and now it is the turn of Germany again - everyone really hates them don't they? A court renewed their nationwide ban on Uber service - UberPOP - saying that the app does not comply with German or European licensing laws.

The courts aren't playing either - for every violation of the order, it will end up with a 250,000 euro fine (which is around £181,000).

Of course, Uber said that they will be appealing this decision.

Presiding judge, Joachim Nickel, told the court that the UberPOP service is "a violation of the passenger transport law because drivers operate without authorisation".

Uber's lawyers weren't having it and said that the service was not subject to the same rules as other taxi operators because the company only served as a means of connecting drivers with clients. Judge Uwe Eilers, who was also presiding over things, said: "In that case, you should include in your business description that Uber offers rides for free".

This case came about after German taxi operator group Taxi Deutschland, went after Uber, and is just one of a string of lawsuits thrown at the new taxi service. As well as Germany and Spain, the Dutch aren't too impressed with them, while in France, they pretty much banned the service also.

Could it be the turn of the UK next?

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