For once, some honest advertising...

Looking for a nice new fancy watch, but not too convinced by the seller hawking you the automatic chinese-made movement on the Roflex?

Try this tourist shop from the Ephesus (Efes) region in Turkey instead:

At least they are honest!

FYI, a genuine Rolex movement sweeps smoothly at close to 28,800 revolutions per hour. So even if you get a fake with a "Swiss-made movement", check that the second hand doesn't jerk around too much!



  • Francis R.
    I prefer Fake Genuine watches personally.
  • Uncle T.
    Any idea when the Pre will be available in the UK?
  • Steve
    Lol, you gotta love the Turks, when I went to Ephesus the market traders were all doing "buy now pay next year". I asked him whether I have to pay anything now, to which he replied no!! Safe to say I nearly cleared him out (I'm not cruel enough to take ALL his stuff) and strangely enough never went back. Most of the moody gear paid for my holiday in the end too!
  • Uncle T.
    @Steve you will soon become a doner kebab when the Turks catch up with you

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