Genital Shield Promises to Rid the World of STDs of herpes? Who isn't?

That's why Florida businessman genius Doug Sturlingh invested £15,000 developing the 'Genital Shield'.

Yes. The American man's mission is to rid the world of STDs. According to Miami New Times, here is how the 2 piece condom works:

A latex mold covers the scrotum and pubic hair, leaving a hole for the shaft. A special jimmy then attaches to the "shield" in the manor of a Ziploc bag. The goal is to prevent diseases transmitted by skin-on-skin rubbing.

His target consumer? "Responsible men with herpes."

If that statement isn't oxymoronic enough, here's his explanation:"Condoms are obsolete," he boasts. "They are the horse and cart, and I'm the automobile."

Any student / senior discount, Mr. Sturlingh?

[Miami News Times]


  • -=Mike H.
    Why not just crack one off? No need to cuddle, no need to talk, no need for jimmies, done in 5 mins and you don't get STD's problem solved. Anything other problems to solve? World poverty? Cancer? Give us a mo...
  • The B.
    How about just giving away ipods to kids who have themselves tested? Or is that just a Daily Mail anti-Labour rant?
    Probabaly take longer to put on than the average session lasts, What next? A full latex suit head aswell?

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