G1 Android Mobile Released in UK Today (Video)

Long cold winter nights have been salvaged today by the long awaited arrival of the Google G1 Android phone, now officially released in the UK as of 7am this morning.

Sold exclusively in T-Mobile stores and on their website, sources say that over 1.5 million pre-orders have already been taken.

With lines forming as early as 5am this morning at T-Mobile's flagship store on Oxford Street, enthusiasts are joining more than 25,000 users who have already registered their phones since the initial unveiling in New York last month.

You can get the new G1 free with a £40-a-month T-Mobile Combi and Flext contract, which includes "unlimited" web browsing. The HTC phone includes a number of high-end features including GPS, wireless internet access, and currently over 50 built-in Google applications free to download.

One of these apps may win over the hearts of many saavy consumers by helping them save money when shopping. According to The Telegraph, even 'experts' are raving about this clever function:

"The application that has impressed experts the most is Barcode Scanner, which uses the G1's camera to scan barcodes on items, such as books and CDs, and then uses the phone's built-in Global Positioning Software to tell its owner not only the cheapest place online from which to buy that item, but the cheapest place in the local area."

Sounds to me like Google is looking to go into the realm of Google mobile advertising, don't you think?

They are also taking a huge risk with the G1 for a number of reasons. Besides the fact that this is Google's first attempt at creating a mobile phone of any kind, the G1 directly rivals the hugely successful Apple iPhone. Google is also dropping the gauntlet and challenging Microsoft by introducing a completely new operating system to the market, rivaling Windows.

Various tech blogs like Gizmodo and CNET offer mixed reviews mostly due to the phone's bulky design, and prices have already dropped in the U.S to increase sales, most likely the same will follow here in the UK.

I'm personally going to wait it out, but if you got one or are planning to get one, we would love to hear your thoughts, so please add your comments below.



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  • Pablo C.
    I prefer IOS , i don´t like Android market.

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