Future present - the virtual user interface is here

Minority Report was a load of old cock for the most part, but for two very important reasons:

  • it had jetpacks, and
  • like Star Trek before it, the film provided a vision of future technology that would go onto inspire the technology of the future

We're already interacting with computers using hand gestures - the iPhone and Microsoft Surface, for example - but these still require physical contact between the user and interface. For a glimpse into virtual interfaces that are possible right now, see what these two clever clogs from MIT are up to. It's utterly dull up until about 1'40" but then gets very, very exciting:

Given the low costs involved, this could be a realistic step forward for digital interaction. So long as we don't forget about the jetpacks. The future is all about jetpacks. Hurry up.



  • Zukhaib B.
    That is amazing! I love listening to TED talks, they are so informative and interesting. If this product hits the market, I think we would become even more lazier than we are now lol. But nevertheless, Pranav must be a brilliant programmer to make the software to recognise all movements in that way. Inspiring!
  • MikeBeaver
    Thats pretty smart, I want one :p Mike..
  • dude
    Its good, but its annoying enough with yooofs playing tinny music, can you imagine when they are watching pron on the bus etc!
  • Matt
    My phone is smaller than his hand. lol. Awesome idea though!
  • james
    I'd still prefer a jet pack any day.
  • oliverreed
    7 finger gap - my word

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