Fruity bidder goes pied-eyed on eBay

Bitterwallet - who bought all the pies?Naysayers crow that eBay doesn't offer bargains anymore. How wrong they are. They'll kick themselves when they release they missed out on over 1 million fruit pies. Who wouldn't want a million fruit pies? Think of the starvation in third world countries you could prevent. Think of the children.

In fact there were 1,090,000 frozen mixed fruit puff pies on offer - 13,000 cases of 84 pies, equating to 130 pallets, or five articulated lorries. It's what we in the catering trade refer to as a metric fuckton of pie. The taste sensations were originally destined for ASDA who cancelled the order. But even with a sell-by date over a year distant, who in their right mind would buy that many pies?

We don't know who exactly, only that they were a long-standing and active eBay user, and they had £124,100 sitting around in their bank account. The auction only ended last night, so doubt the details of this mystery pie eater will come to light in the hours to follow.

Thanks to Bitterwallet reader Haidar Darwesh


  • Jack T.
    Making me feel hungry now. But not that fucking hungry. 'The pie's the limit!' - must have got the marketing department in for that one.
  • Jack
    Surely splitting the load into 2 or 4 may have got more cash? Unless that would be too much hassle
  • goon
    i believe it was sam allardyce who won the auction
  • Annoonn
    Question & Answer Answered On Q: Hi, I am interested in bidding on this item. I run a small cafe and would only need a couple of cases a week. Would it be possible to pick these up as I require them. Please note at busier time we anticipate getting through more of these pies so it should not take so long before they are finished. I await your reply. Thank You OP 13-Oct-09 A: Hi, sorry but you would have to buy the whole parcel in one go unfortunately!
  • Nobody
    I know the lad who bidded on it, long story short there were lots of joke bidders from all over the internet, he stuck another one on top expecting to be outbid by some other joker. Problem was the under-bidders withdrew their bids, and with less than 12 hours left he couldn't do the same. No one outbid him either, hilarious watching the forum thread as it ticked down.
  • imortal
    The winning bidder was a man from suffolk (paul mason) all paid for by the NHS as it is cheaper than his weekly food bill
  • Pie W.
    Have to put my hands up and admit to being the 'winner' here! As above, was only when others pulled out I ended up with them. Asked for my bid to be withdrawn as soon as I was aware (4 hours before the end) but it was not and ended up with pie on my face as a result! Have apologised to the seller for any inconvience
  • Ogs
    Thats rubbish!
  • Dquan
    I think that the winner should be disgraced of himself. Winning such a prestigious auction and not stumping up the cash. Selfish BSTard.
  • CB
    Mikey you fat C*NT
  • Amanda H.
    What exactly happened here? ASDA asked the supplier to make 1million pies, the pies got made then ASDA said fuck off? At no point did the supplier dump said pies in ASDA's foyer along with a bill?
  • sid h.
    Typical MR CB. The bidder was a simpleton who couldn't help himself. Proof being he follows Liverpool.
  • unnamed
    CB you bitter wallet NOOB
  • Lee S.
    the pie winners name is MICHAEL STOREY, hes my cousin, and a bit of a dipsh1t our family have disowned his cos he was charged with peado crimes
  • Lee S.
    I didnt write the above comment, michael storey is my brother, not my cousin, although he is actually a bit of a dipshit for bidding!
  • james d.
    Sseriously though by my calculations that's 12p a pie, that seems far to much to me. Given you can usually pick up 6 mince pies for about a quid around Christmas I would expect a bit more than a 25% discount for buying a million vs 6.
  • james d.
    oh not sure why I thought they were mince pies, I still think my point stands though
  • webdude
    James u thick c**t

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