From A to Z - when PR departments attack!

Our alphabetical accent through consumerism brings us to the letter C. And a small squat dog.

After years of been goaded into challenging Churchill Insurance, one customer eventually did. And won. Seems in television adverts, you're not allowed to say things that aren't true, even when it's an animated puppet saying them.

"Can I make a claim without filling in any forms?" asked a man in one commercial. Despite 20% of claimants having to complete paperwork, the dog sat there and lied. On national television too.

Who needs journalists to fill the pages of their newspapers, when failed journalists will arrange words on a page to look like news, free of charge?

Sat hello to The company may know a thing or two about online price comparison, but their primary objective seems to be conducting surveys and pumping out PR to either scare consumers witless ("You've lost £1.4 billion! Run away!") or predicting the End of Days.

Below is a list of press releases and stories generated by the company in a single month. The original headlines were mind-rottingly dull, so we've replaced them with more interesting though genuine headlines from real news stories. Just so we're clear:

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