Friday's Tube strike is cancelled

london_underground_sign It is hard to keep up with the sheer volume of strikes that have been circling around the London Underground lately, and there was set to be one this Friday.

The Tube's maintenance workers were going to down tools on Friday, but it has been called off, according to the RMT union. Great news if you live in the capital, or visiting. For those who don't - carry on not caring.

Anyway, roughly 1,500 workers were going to walk out, over disputes about safety.

General secretary Mick Cash said: "This dispute is over an outrageous attempt to casualise and undermine the jobs of our London Underground track patrol members through an extension of the use of private contractors. The plan must be halted."

"RMT will continue to fight all attempts to undermine and casualise jobs across London Underground as the company looks to cut corners to meet Government austerity targets."

"This union will not accept the undermining of jobs, conditions and safety or the creeping privatisation of functions."

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