Fresh phish for lunch!

Looks like another big win for the Bitterwallet boys (unless it's from Zimbabwe). This time, your correspondent was happy to reply in order to claim the cash... hope the details we've provided will be sufficient.

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  • Joff
    Alberto didn't mention any cash prize, only that you had won 1,000,000.00.
  • Shopdis F.
    Should of replied with "I pay my butler more than that"
  • Waheed
    By replying you've verified that the account is currently used, so more spam is on its way to you very soon I'd imagine.
  • Bob
    Waheed obviously these knobs dont understand that (lol)
  • Irishwinner
    this calls for a new game, biggest phishing win of all time?
  • all e.
    To be fair it could be legit, I mean it didn't say what you'd won, just that you'd won a million of them. In Zimbabwe that could mean a free loaf of bread .... read it again people, FREE! You go girl!
  • Paul N.
    Gmail is pretty good at filtering out spam fortunately.
  • Shopdis F.
    They know the accounts are valid, because they pay for them

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