French swap onions for Apples in gay Paris

There's still something that feels slightly slutty and whorish about opening shops in one of the world's finest museums, even if the store in question belongs to Apple. The Louvre in Paris has cleared out the mimes and onion sellers to make way for Jobs, Inc which opened its doors today. Still, it's a better fit than Maccy D's:

Bitterwallet - Apple opens in the Louvre



  • MickeyB
    Shut up Samurai you dick.
  • Jack
    Great title!
  • fred b.
    In answer to 'Financial Samurai' all the stuff is made in China now, shop til you drop and help communism!
  • Junkyard
    Fred Bassett: "shop to help communism" - pure genius!
  • Ouriel O.
    nice title. check up real pictures from users now :)

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