French solve problem of missed deliveries, then go on strike

If there's one thing the French are brilliant at, it's striking. And mime artists, obviously, but mostly striking. The reasons can be many and varied, important or trivial - it really doesn't matter. What matters is that they can get together on a whim and make a lot of noise about nothing much, so long as it causes the most inconvenience to fellow countrymen and, where possible, the rest of the world.

So when La Poste got their heads together with the transport authorities to help their customers out, it seemed as good a reason as any to strike. The idea is to let residents who miss a parcel delivery (or a letter sent by recorded delivery) have it forwarded to the ticket office of their local metro station - saving them from going out of their way to the local post office to collect it. Once a person has signed up, they'll receive a text message to confirm the station has received an item, which they can then pick up any day of the week up until 11.30 at night - perfect for stopping by after work or a night on le sauce.

That sounds altogether useful, but those working in the ticket office had other ideas. Only one station is taking part in the trial that begins next month, but a third of the staff working on the entire metro line went on strike in protest. Union spokesman Cédric Ménival said: "We have more important things to do, like looking after passengers' security and giving them information. What will they ask us to do tomorrow? Sell bread?"

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  • Junkyard
    Those crazy frenchies, being annoyed when someone asks them to do extra work that has nothing to do with their job, for no extra pay and with no extra staffing. Zut alors.
  • juankerr
    As above, plus neat way of delivering home-made explosive devices directly to tube stations without the need to put them in your back-pack and carry them on yourself. Le Fail.
  • Paul S.
    If you work in a ticket office, you serve a queue one person at a time. Queues may be longer, and you may have to get off your backside to pick up the parcel, but if it means there's less time when you do nothing and more time spent with customers, I'm not sure how that's a burden.
  • Tom P.
    I was stopped at traffic lights last week, and this really nice girl came and knocked on my window and started saying "French, French, French ten pounds". I think she wanted to know if i was French and give me a tenner.
  • Spencer
    no Cedric, you will not be asked to sell bread. Just give passengers a letter or 2. You stuck up, arrogant, smug-for-no-reason, lazy, workshy, cheese eating surrender monkey. God, it aint that big a deal really is it.
  • andy y.
    French workers won't take any shit,we will. So who's the sucker?
  • Paul S.
    Depends on your view of unions, Andy. I personally think they start out with the best of intentions, but ultimately most are corrupted by egos and arrogance. In this case, it's only a trial of the service to see if it actually works and they're still striking. This system would potentially be of benefit to thousands of people, so do the trial, see if it works, see what the issues are - if the ticket office service goes to shit at Simplon metro station and staff drown in admin then there's a case for the unions to talk to management and resolve the concerns. Striking two months before the trial is attempted is utter, utter bollocks.
  • Bullet
    Cheese and Onion, these are a few of my favourite things.
  • Shogun
    Love the French! Striking is such a great way of life. Shogun
  • Rocket
    Take care of the sinking shit-hole that is the American economy first before you make fun of an irrelevant event in France. What do the fuck do you care anyway ? You're number 1, right ? You fucking pigs.

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