Free Spotify! Kinda!

spotify-logo Spotify is offering three months of Spotify Premium for the price of one.

That's right, you can get a Summer of ad-free groovin' for almost next to nothing. You have until June 15th to take advantage of upgrading your account to Premium as part of Spotify's first Super Summer of Music promotion thing.

As part of Spotify's first-ever Super Summer of Music promotion, users pay £9.99 for the first month - Spotify Premium's regular price - and the next two months are free.

That's right. FREE.

The streaming service hit 10 million premium subscribers in May and has 40 million active listeners. If you sign up, you'll be making 9 hour playlists dedicated to Balearic, sharing it on a social network and then arguing with your mates about 'what defines Balearic anyway?'

Just let's not ask any acts about royalties though eh?

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  • jokester4
    Um... I think you may be unaware of the definition of the word 'free'...

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