Free greenhouse. Just save 1400 plastic bottles.

Fancy growing your own tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries etc etc but don’t have (or can’t afford) a greenhouse? That’s not a problem in this age of recycling and whatnot.

All you need is approximately 1400 plastic bottles, a lot of time and a bit of help and hey presto, you’ve got yourself a free greenhouse. The one in the picture has been constructed at Byker Farm in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in amongst citywide hysteria at the return of Alan Shearer, the great saviour.

You might not be able to get your hands on 1400 bottles overnight, but the idea is a great one for schools, colleges and community projects to get their teeth into. Our finders fee for this story is one punnet of juicy strawberries – email them to the usual address.

(Pic by Hayley Green. Some rights reserved)


  • Mike H.
    Byker Farm? Is that the farm extension and spin-off show to Byker Grove? Where Farmer PJ gets shot in the eye with a 12 bore? Together with his side kick Farmer Duncan, they then go on to make crap records and annoy the population with numerous TV shows and apperances? I'm right? That's brill!
  • The B.
    You sure that's not Northern Rock's new HQ?
  • Rob K.
    I was slightly disappointed to find this not to be functioning greenhouse. I was told by the folks at the farm to think of it as more of an art installation. It was a project for kids with learning disabilities to gain skills, and as such certainly a worthwhile endeavour. The future is also uncertain - It also may be moved at some point.
  • bernard b.
    old news:
  • Dan
    No, this is Northern Rock's Brand-Spanking-New HQ
  • Jennie
    I was actually involved in the building of this greenhouse as a tutor on an educational course for adults with learning disabilities. I would like to say that it is on its way to being fully functional greenhouse but a few glitches in the design and an ongoing quest of recovering or suitable waste materials for further insulation has lead to a delay in this but we grew our tomatoes in it last year with great success. News to me it is being moved! I certainly hope not!

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