Free eye tests! If you're Uruguayan.

15655695 So it’s all over then. England predictably came a cropper against Germany yesterday but the manner of the croppage-coming was something that few could have predicted. Ruthless, even by German standards.

What have we learned? That the ‘stars’ of the Premier League (the greatest league in the world) are quite comfortable within the fast-paced confines of said home league, but when they’re up against superior opposition, they crumble like Dad’s Army trying to pull a cannon up a hill. Oh, and that John Terry should be stripped of his skin and hurled into a vat of vinegar.

There are plenty of excuses to be made for it all, one of which is the disallowed goal that clearly crossed the line, ignored by the Uruguayan officials but spotted by everyone else in the whole world.

Within hours of the incident, Asda’s PR team had leapt into action, and spotting a chance to get some free publicity, they were offering a free eye test to the offending linesman as well as for anyone with a Uruguayan passport. Did you see what they did there eh? Clever stuff.

So we’ve added to that publicity, because we’re certain that more than a few Bitterwallet readers are Uruguayans who have found themselves wondering about their eyesight of late. Don’t all thank us at once.


  • Dunfyboy
    Imagine how fired up for the second half the Germans would've been if that goal had been allowed. They would've stepped up a gear and scored 7 or 8.
  • Alexis
    Is it me or is Asda just a tad racist?
  • TeflonMan
    Vot!? No free eye test for ze Russians?
  • PokeHerPete
    If youre too dumb to use xenophobic, just say racist. Noone will know the difference.
  • m_jack
    Strange... Diego Forlan and Luis Suarez appear to have perfect vision!
  • me
    How about a free session with a psychologist for those who actually believed that England had any chance on this world cup?
  • Jim
    floating keepers arn't allowed...send him off...
  • Felipe
    Hey... I'm Uruguayan and I'm ashamed by the error of our officials... from here, in Montevideo, we all see the goal... sorry... Larrionda have a selective blindness... when Peñarol plays, he also turn blind to favoured Nacional... Nacional use white shirt, so I'm think that he was confused... next time you must demand to play with the withe shirt if Larrionda is the referee...
  • Codify
    This will fall foul of racial discrimination laws

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