"Free" Digital Magazine Subscription Offer from ASDA

http://img385.imageshack.us/img385/5994/magazines34562353459258rq9.jpgSneaking open a new Facebook window behind the Excel chart during 'office break' may no longer be the only form of entertainment.  ASDA has come to the rescue, on a joint venture with John Menzies Digital to provide a "free"online magazine download to the first 10,000 people who sign up to the service.

The service allows customers to purchase digital versions of top UK consumer magazines and download them instantly to their computers. With titles like Elle, Nuts, Heat, Stuff and Top Gear, making it through to 5pm pretending to work may not be too difficult after all.  That is, given that you miraculously convince your boss remotely watching you with the latest spyware that by staring at performance cars all day, your daily targets will somehow improve.

Question is, would you really want to glare at a bright monitor to get through Men's Fitness instead of good old paper on the toilet loo?

Most of us buy magazines to keep ourselves entertained, usually while travelling, and not because we've run out of things to read online. Getting repetitive strained fingers from banging away at the mobile phone's 'zoom' button on a packed train journey is more likely to induce stress rather than relief.

But, a free offer is still a free offer, and seeing this is probably better for the environment anyway, we won't judge.  The offer closes on November 30, so if this is your cup of tea, get subscribing now.

[ASDA Magazine]

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