Free DAILY Lunch Burger worth £4.95 At Walkabout: Simply Register, Print, and Start Chewing

My dad used to tell me as a kid that 'there's free lunch in the world'.  But after recently getting my free burger from Australian pub/bar chain Walkabout’s website, I attempted to prove him wrong.

'Son, you had to pay for the printer didn't you? And what about paper? And ink?' Damnit, he always finds a way.  But for the mere price of a piece of paper and being spammed one a week by Walkabout, a free £4.95  classic burger is certainly not an offer I shall refuse. There are however a few things you may want to read before proceeding... but we've read it for you also, to save you some burger time.

Free DAILY Lunch Burger worth £4.95 At Walkabout: Simply Register, Print, and Start Chewing

First are the Million Burger Giveaway Terms.  Nothing to be afraid of, really.  Just the weekly newsletter spams which you can opt out of with a few mouse clicks.

Second is that the print out voucher will be valid for 7 days from the date of printing. Walkabout even confirmed that saying that technically as long as you register with different valid email addresses (or create a bunch of new ones at yahoo, hotmail or gmail), you can go back once a day and print a new voucher legitimately.

Finally, while the offer was supposed to run until December 14, Walkabout did claim to 'only' have a million burgers to give out. So you might want to do this sooner than later. (And don't forget: for those of you that got a Boomerang Card, simply enter your number and you'll also receive 12 free drink vouchers! (Just read the Boomerang Card Terms).  You can also read further comments on this HUKD thread.

Now get to your nearest Walkabout venues, and start chomping down that burger!


  • ODB
    Kangaroo Burger FTW!
  • ODB
  • Paul S.
    ODB, just as HUKD wasn't responsible for leading us to the spider story (unless one of the members created the story, which they didn't), it's also not responsible for every deal or news item we feature; there are dozens of sources for offers and stories, and we receive news of plenty of them direct. If we learn about a deal direct from HUKD, we always credit the source. Simple as.
  • ODB
    Well Paul, if that was the case why is the link to the thread on HUKD there?? If Bitter Wallet is linked to HUKD, posts deals of the day etc I find it hard to believe that this went unnoticed and was posted seperately...then magically the link to the thread was put there too...this obviously came from HUKD...OP's name should have been posted! Surely as HUKD is a DEALS site and BW is linked to HUKD...then the deals on BW are from HUKD...all the deals so far have come from HUKD so why is this different?
  • Paul S.
    Hi ODB, All the deals on Bitterwallet don't come from HUKD. For example: We feature deals wherever we find them, although obviously HUKD is a regular port of call. It's not that uncommon to find a story or a deal in one place and then find it been discussed on HUKD. If that's the case, it makes sense to link the two, even if we didn't pick up the deal from there. We've credited everyone to date with any deals we've featured where HUKD has been the direct source.
  • Liddle m.
    Are the words in [brackets] missing from the article in erro -- My dad used to tell me as a kid that ‘there’s [ no such thing as a ] free lunch in the world’. ??
  • Mike H.
    I took the instructions in the literal sense... "Simply Register, Print and start chewing" It looked nice but it just tasted of paper and ink...

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