Four out of ten parking ticket appeals are successful

True story - not so long ago, I received a ticket for parking on a street in a marked parking bay, within the time limit allowed. I complained, and learnt that the traffic warden had completely fabricated the reason for ticketing me; his notes placed my car 20 metres further up the street, "parked on double yellow lines". It came down to my word against theirs, but I managed to have the ticket overturned on a technicality - I pointed out there were no double yellow lines in the street, only single yellow lines. Utter, utter, utter bastard.

Yes, they're people too, but I'll wager ten English pounds that the crooked traffic warden I encountered isn't the only one in the country. Most of us feel wronged when we receive a ticket, and sometimes rightly so. Good news then, from the National Office of Statistics, because as many as ten per cent of the tickets dished out by local authorities last year were successfully appealed.

The figures show that even though nearly 20 percent of drivers received a parking ticket in the last year, only three out of ten people appealed. Nearly 40 per cent of these appeals were successful, which means that if everyone appealed against their tickets, close to four out of ten would be ripped up.

The moral of the story is that if you think you've been hard done by, it's worth standing your ground and sticking it to the Man.



  • Ben
    "only three out of ten people appealed. Nearly 40 per cent of these appeals were successful, which means that if everyone appealed against their tickets, close to four out of ten would be ripped up." Most likely the other seven out of ten realised they were in the wrong and the parking ticket was well deserved, so were they to appeal unsuccessfully, the percentage of successful appeals would actually drop, not rise.
  • Tom P.
    "his notes placed my car 20 metres further up the street", you must live in a poor wanked out area. All our wardens carry the latest, muti-fuctional ticketing machines with camera for photographic evidence.
  • jack
    Whatever happend to good 'ol 2 in 5?
  • David
    Unfortunately traffic wardens or 'Parking Attendants' are often on targets and/or a bonus system - which means they have to issue a certain number of tickets. The closer to the end-of-the-month target or if they've received a big bill (and are on a bonus system) they they'll be issuing tickets all over. Have a look at: and NCP attendants get a £50 bonus each month if they can issue 2 tickets per hour.
  • Andy D.
    @jack - or 8 in 20?
  • dude
    thanks for the information David. You would have to be a right cunt to take so many people just for a measly £50. Suppose its the kind of person that has the job.........
  • Tin
    If parking wardens are on a bonus so what? How about the nimrods getting the tickets just not parking where they shouldn't? or is that too easy or summat?
  • Steve
    Not only traffic wardens, but councils get it wrong ALL the time. Non-compliance with the Road Trafic Act or badly signed road lines, there's always a way to succesfully appeal a ticket, whether speeding, parking or otherwise. Take a look at the forum on and you'll get the general idea. Don't pay the cnuts, it's a scam.
  • Traffic c.
    @ Tin I think you are the nimrod you dozy twat. Read the sodding article. The bloke clearly says he was NOT parked where he was alleged to have parked. Only a retarded traffic warden would have that kind of stupidity. Now off you go and give out a few undeserved tickets for your £50 bonus. Numpty!
  • Rancor K.
    All our local CIVIL ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS as they are no known are pretty nice and get loadsa twats on the road my shop is on... outside we have a zebra crossing and the amount of spanners that park on it to pop in to the paper shop ext door to get themselves s can of topdeck an a wham bar is beyond belief ! I love seeing the officers ticket them in their modded ford escorts and novas ! my mate is one of these said officers and he said Of the tickets that go to appeal the council win 83%. but thats just our council !
  • piggeh
    Even if you have no leg to stand on, you should appeal. I appealed on a tenuous argument and simply won as they never responded to my letters. Eventually they decided it wasnt worth the hassle and cancelled my fine with an apologetic letter regarding the delay in response. :D Sweet.
  • Tom P.
    Bastards got me for doining 37mph, in a 30mph this the wrong thread?
  • Tin
    @Traffic Wardens suck cock Oh dear.......

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