Foreign items in food of Bitterwallet readers - this time they're alive

It seems we've struck a rich vein of form with regards to unwanted items in foodstuffs. After our avid readers found gemstones in beans and curious brown deposits in loaves of Hovis, reader Ben has been in touch with this slightly more terrifying find:

"As an avid reader I've been following followed the bread and beans stories and thought I'd add my photos of a bag of babyleaf salad that I bought from Tesco at the weekend. With this being salad we had the advantage that the extra contents hadn't been cooked to brown mush and we could tell what it was.

"Especially once it warmed up and started moving."

Bitterwallet - Tesco salad foreign object
Live items in your supermarket food - this one will take some beating. Ben has already been in touch with Tesco, who have yet to reply. Every little helps though, right?


  • me
    Free pets.
  • Noghar
    Lettuce and cabbages etc always used to be full of bugs till farms started spraying them with pesticide. If this bug is still alive it suggests the vegetables are free of bug spray, which is oddly reassuring. Though it does make you wonder about the label claiming 'washed'...
  • Darren
    They were serious when they said the salads had extra "Crunch"
  • PokeHerPete
    Om nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom crunch!
  • The B.
    It's just not cricket.
  • PokeHerPete
    I don't like cricket (no), I love it!
  • Paul
    Free Hat
  • Dave T.
    Just been to Tesco's and they have all gone - only ones with frogs in left!
  • zax
    Free meat with your salad! Dig in everyone!
  • Jo
    In china you'd be charged extra for the cricket, so quit your yapping!
  • -]
    What Noghar said. I can understand complaining about brown bits in bread -but this guy found a bug in his salad. Did he seriously contact tesco? What does he expect them to say? "Bugs live in that environment and eat that type of food, sorry bro, just let it go outside, okay?" I'd be laughed out of the place if I went to my veg shop and complained about a bug in my cabbage. Guess what, I sometimes see slugs in lettuce. THE SHOCK OF IT!
  • Co-op c.
    One day camping a couple of years ago, I had the pleasure of buying some prepackaged washed salad from the Co-op at Perranporth. It was delightful - BBQ and beer, until I reached into the bag and pulled some leaves to put onto my plate, the brown leaf didn't look like rocket or romaine. When it moved, I realised it wasn't lettuce, but a large brown coackroach. The roach wasn't quite with it, as it been sealed in a bag and chilled in the supermarket, I felt like complaining at the store but couldn't be bothered to take the whole lot back and it would spoil the evening with friends we met camping and my daughter. I ate the lettuce out of the bag, but not the roach, I let this go in a field to carry on with its life. I did write to Co-op head office, but didn't get a response, the lettuce tasted OK, the roach wee dressing made an interseting flavour with the prewashed leaves, but I do not buy prepackaged lettuce anymore. I would much rather have greenfly, slugs and snails in my leaves - at least I know they are there and it is my choice whether I eat them or not.

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