For when your engine just isn't running cutely enough

It's a shame that BP haven't been pumping tons of this stuff into the ocean - if they had, the Americans might be dealing with big clouds of pink bubbles instead of disgusting gloopy slicks.

hello_kitty_engine_oil [CrunchGear]


  • zeddy
    That's one slick little pussy.
  • 3dtv
    Hello Kitty? Hello Shitty more like. (sorry, thought I'd get in there first!)
  • foxy f.
    Why would this product even exist?
  • Nobby
    @ foxy foxy, so they can charge 10x more for it. Probably to put into an expensive kids toy car.
  • Milky
    As it clearly states at the bottom of the can "A GIP" (or complete con) ..they couldn't be any clearer with their intentions bless em.
  • JaffaCake
    It's clearly to go with the much coveted Hello Kitty exhaust tip.
  • Matt
    That's one slippery kitty ;-) just how I like them
  • a418552
    How I wish I could post on these stories from work.
  • PaganWolf
    Oooh I bet this is made of the juice of freshly squeezed kittens. Guaranteed to make your car purr. Give a girly girl a driving licence, and a clio and I guarantee she would kit the inside with everything pink, and buy this oil for it. It's sad, but it would appeal to some.
  • -]
    Give a man a car and he'll just crash it. I think I prefer the girly girls - less of a danger to me.
  • Zeddy
    @ Matt: Fuck off! You're not in the least original.

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