For sale - several million past owners, Guinness factory

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Thanks to avid BItterwallet reader Nick


  • Rob
    In fairness the Irish managed to not screw it up (to badly) for 89 years...maybe the UK should just take it all back now and sort it out for them again?
  • a c.
    Nice comment about the neighbours. Ireland doesn't deserve a bailout. Let the ones that can clean toilets emigrate, the rest can grow potatoes.
  • one n. sums up ireland well.
  • Fannies
    They are pretty good at knocking fuck out you english though....
  • Gimpazoid
    "They are pretty good at knocking fuck out you english though…." But perhaps not so good at speaking English.
  • confused
    Looks like they could be getting in more trouble too by selling land which they don't own. Namely some 5000 sq miles to the north east of the Island.
  • MrRobin
    That photo is false advertising! You don't get the top-right bit.
  • Rob
    "That photo is false advertising! You don’t get the top-right bit.".... There is also no where near enough clouds
  • Kevin
    I hope we got lots of collateral for our loan. Mind you we're charged about an additional 2% over base rate for it so in 3 years we'll have enough for some more cancer drugs or something ;)

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