For sale on eBay - set of six chairs and some naked dude

What's that? No bids for this eBay item, you say? Nobody wanted to buy chairs that some bollock-naked, goon-faced hipster slapped his tackle all over? You do surprise us. He's hardly Christine bloody Keeler, is he? The twat:

Bitterwallet - eBay naked chair man

Thanks to avid Bitterwallet reader Damien


  • Codify
    He's clearly wearing blue-and-white shorts. Don't be so squeamish
  • Steve n.
    Faux means fake...doesn't it.... it does, doesn't it....go on, tell me, doesn't it. Faux pas.
  • oliverreed
    At least the chair is the right way up......
  • 10:30:61
    ya think thats bad look at this 160443118998
  • moley
    "160443118998"WTF IS DAT REAL :)
  • 10:30:61
    im collecting my dvd in person :)
  • 10:30:61
    now to find a Norwegian selling a mountain horn showing his testicles
  • swf
    Local pickup See all details ;)
  • Lumoruk
    re: 10:30:61 ....MY EYES!!!!
  • Scarred4Life
    re: 10:30:61 ....o my lord that last picture..... vomit!
  • Joanna
    More to the point - I think you'll find they've been reduced to £14.99... I'd buy 6 chrome chairs advertised by such a strapping you man AND at that fantastic price...if only i needed them...
  • 10:30:61
    chomp! shhhhh!
  • Paul C.
    At least his bollock isn't hanging out.
  • 10:30:61
    youll get a rash from that gash and you paid cash

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