For a front-to-back meal, ASDA serves up a treat

It saddens us, dear reader, when all our efforts to make the world a better place for consumers go unnoticed, and instead we're accused of juvenile schoolboy behaviour in a desperately pathetic bid to score some linkbait. We can't tell you how much it hurts, how much your withering cynicism cuts us to the bone.

In other news, here's some cock flavoured soup and Best Shito hot pepper sauce:

Bitterwallet - cock soup and shit sauce

As spotted in ASDA in Slough by avid Bitterwallet reader Mark. What do you mean, you've seen it before? Balls to you, sir. We're washed up hacks and too drunk to type. It's all we have to give.


  • rightfredsdead
    Dead reader?
  • JP
    Awesome Freudian :-)
  • Jesus
    I lurrrrve cock soup.
  • Wasted T.
  • Bad |.
    [...] For a front-to-back meal, ASDA serves up a treat | BitterWallet [...]
  • The B.
    Slough? Slough? Wash your mouth out, speaking such vileness.
  • Mark
    is it 2006 already?
  • milky
    Bitterwallet, ..must try harder! (or alternatively post this on the naff playpennies site)
  • Dale W.
    off to ASDA this second!

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