Footballer for sale. Three not-so-careful owners. Likes horses and treatment tables.

Fancy buying a footballer? Here’s that brochure advertising the used-to-be-great Michael Owen in full.

Come on, we could all club together and buy him for Bitterwallet. He’s bound to choose us over Hull City.

Bet he's glad he won't be wearing Newcastle's new 'bananas and custard' away kit though...


  • -> H.
    "Comes with free Physio!"
  • bob
    Send him to Iraq for free.
  • Paul W.
    Is he for sale? I thought he was a free transfer due to the expiration of his contract. Don't let the facts get in the way of a cheap article.
  • nipper
    I would sign him....just to get the low down on the nags for a few bets!!!!
  • Antique A.
    The report includes lots of details on Michael's hamstrings and his groin. Now that's what I call perfect bedtime reading. Apparently he is popular with backroom staff too! I wonder if I can afford him?

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