Football fans say 'Balls!' to the fixture-schedulers

23 April 2012

We always like to see a good protest by disgruntled consumers, and it should never be forgotten that football fans are, ultimately, consumers – albeit ones with a huge emotional investment in the product. As such, they’re usually quite happy to be messed about by the powers-that-be. Not always though.

That’s fans of Sevilla, displaying their unhappiness at the fact that their match with Levante on Saturday was rescheduled for a 10.30pm kick off so that everyone could bask in the post-match analysis of Barcelona v Real Madrid instead. Yes, 10.30pm.

And so they showed their anger by hurling scores of tennis balls at the match (in a protest nicked from elsewhere), duly holding the game up and making their night even longer. All good fun though. Shortly, we’re off to throw a golf ball in the face of our local newsagent, who put the price of four cans of Stella up by 30p at the weekend.


  • Pedo P.
    I stoped giving a shit after 'Football' Andy. Ooooooh, I'm so angry, I could put a sticker on a mobility scooter!
  • Mr. P.
    30p?? Pah! You should see what I charge that fat Scottish fuck for Special Brew.
  • Mary H.
    All footballers are racist so why the fuck, was everyone so bothered about the footballer Mombasa, (whatever) who had the heart attack? Most of them would rather see the cunt dead than play again. 'Pray for Mumbas' UTTER BOLLOCKS!
  • dvdj10
    They timed that really badly. Why do it right at the start as it only wasted 2mins. Should have done it when the team were attacking and then only 10 at a time. Although the morons wouldn't be able to pull that off probably.
  • kv
    nearly as bad as the Chelsea - Spurs game that got moved because of that Titanic thing on TV.
  • Kevin N.
    It's a shame they let just anyone comment on the internet these days.

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