Flags for the support, England fans

Hands up, we admit it - there was plenty of the Bitterwallet bunker's money riding on Slovenia yesterday. And who can blame us? If only they'd have scored in the second half, we'd have got 17 to 1 on a tenner. Shite. Say we're weak, say we're unpatriotic, but we're not the only Englishmen who lacked belief in our national football squad, and Emile Heskey.

Plenty of others have deserted the team to pursue their dreams of riches, judging by this receipt found yesterday morning by avid Bitterwallet reader Simon:

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Bitterwallet - backing England all the way to Sunday afternoon.


  • PaulH
    Who goes around picking up receipts?
  • Pedant
    Picking up Tesco or Sainsbury receipts where the person hasnt used their reward card can be a source of essentially free shopping if you claim them as your own and get customer services to add them to your "forgotten" card. Happy days.
  • MayContainNuts
    @Pedant: Do you smoke fag-butt rollies, too?
  • Jonas
    Hey MayContainNuts, don't criticize Pedant. Pedant saves approximately £3.72 a year picking by up receipts. It is worth the countless times being shooed from the store and the odd times being arrested because he is thought to be busking.
  • Peter G.
    Classic bitter wallet - pointless crap
  • Pedant
    @MayContainNuts: No, that would be beneath me.
  • Nobby
    They are giving them away free. So what? It's not like £1.98 was given to the customer to take them away.
  • Alexis
    Why do they list it as 'fresh milk'? Do they sell the sour stuff as well?
  • Elle
    It because they sell dry/powdered milk :P
  • Simon
    Picking up receipts can be even more lucrative than free clubcard points. Why not go and help yourself to all the items on the receipt from the shelves, and walk out without paying - if challenged, produce said receipt. Woo, free things. *Don't try this at home.
  • -]
    Do try it at home, then when you get outside go back into the supermarket and claim that you purchased this, but no longer want it. Show receipt and PROFIT!!!
  • Nobby
    You can also screw them up into a ball and play a game where you try to put it in a sleeping tramps mouth without waking him up.
  • em
    Whoever that receipt belongs to, they got ripped off! Milk £1.30 Flag £-1.98 Lottery £2.00 Should total: £1.32

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