Five Million Rogue Drivers in UK Put Lives at Risk

If you find all the MOT, insurance, road tax and vehicle related costs to be too much, join the five million other 'rogue' motorists in the UK who probably feel the same way.

One in ten UK drivers and one in every five foreign drivers in the UK were found to be 'breaching UK driving laws', according to a recent report by the Department for Transport.  The report was based on an exercise carried out by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and its Scottish counterpart, ACPOS, conducted on March 18 of this year. The police exercise included gathering data on driver behaviors through random traffic stops.

The report showed that of the 6,689 drivers stopped, a total of 11.1 per cent were committing an offense, including not having insurance, lack of MOT and evading road tax.  That's equivalent to 4.77 million drivers, with the greatest offenders to be young, foreign, male motorists who drove older cars.  Because, of course, everyone can afford a new hybrid these days.

I mean, come on.  When we have one of the most difficult driving tests in the world, and all these ridiculous road charges, what do they expect? Then again, as a very law abiding citizen, I wouldn't know...


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