Firearm-based dog lead of the year 2011? We suspect so.

Art Lebedev is a modern, fancy-pants Russian designer. Not all of his stuff ends up as actual available product, and as this one cropped up on April Fool’s Day, chances are this won’t be available any time soon. But we can but dream.


It’s a retractable dog lead with the handle made from a replica handgun. Of course, pulling the trigger extends or retracts the lead, making it kind of looking like you’re pumping your poor pooch’s head full of lead. Which, as we’re a fairly sick, childish bunch around here, makes us laugh long and hard.

Hey – don’t really go shooting dogs eh people? And can someone get the handgun dog in the shops please?



  • Zleet
    You would look cool as fuck as the police bullet enters your temple while your picking up dog shit.
  • eddiex
    Retractable dog leads, perfect for the dog owner who likes to pretend the're not with the dog as it shites on the pavememt.

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