Fire up the rumour mill - the 7" iPad is on the way

You can't wade through the tech blogs right now without drowning in stories of tablet PCs. They're everywhere. 2010 is the year the tablet was discovered by mainstream consumers; 2011 will be the year that they become a way of life.

And amongst all these announcements of crappy Chinese tablet PCs that refuse to do anything useful other than steady a table, even more rumours that a 7" iPad is on the way from Apple. Electronista is reporting that the new device will have a camera, Retina Display and up to 128GB of storage. Carumba.

Bitterwallet - iPad
The information, which comes from a Taiwanese component supplier, also mentions a "micro or mini" USB port - although if it did, there's no guarantee Apple would allow all and sundry external devices to connect or exchange files. There's no word whether this iPad would be a successor to the current 9.7" version or whether the current iPad would also receive similar updated specs.

Let's be honest, we know almost nothing new, but we haven't played up to our stereotype of loving the tits off Apple for ages, so there you go.



  • tits
    that'd be for charging?,,5852237,00.html
  • DoubleBack
    Sounds like the usual bollocks
  • Howard M.
    In Taiwan, everything is smaller by a few inches.
  • Mr C.
    "Fire up the rumour mill" YES, my cock is 13 inches LONG
  • zleet
    And if they did I can guarantee they will somehow find a way to justify charging far more than the cost of the full size Ipad.

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