FindMyRingSize puts ring sizes at your fingertips

Now, a site you won't use very often at all. Hardly ever, in fact. When you do, however, it'll be a lifesaver. No more sneaking jewelry out the house or making stupidly incorrect guesses about the other half's ring size. Yes, we said 'ring'. Laugh it up.

Bitterwallet - FindMyRingsize

FindMyRingSize allows you to pick out ring sizes by using an item of fixed width - a credit card or driver's licence - to calibrate the diameters displayed on the screen. Even if you don't have a ring to measure, the site shows you how to use a virtual ruler. Marvellous.


  • Bazinga
  • Find S.
    Hi Paul, Eugene from FindMyRingSize is here Thank you for writing about us, glad you liked our method. Hope everybody finds the site handy and fun to use, we worked hard to make the process easy and highly accurate . In case you need any help or have any kind of feedback - please don't hesitate to contact us on [email protected]
  • akiss
    my ring size increased after having prostate cancer
  • StauntonLick
  • Fat F.
    Bloody rubbish... the chart does not go high enough for my sausage fingers....... mmmmm sausages
  • Codify
    Ha, very clever concept, and seems to work well. If this site had been around when I got engaged a few years ago, I wouldn't have had to chop my GF's finger off to take it to the jewellers'.
  • Find S.
    hey @Fat Fingerz - we added sizes up to US 16/UK Z7, even salami fingers are now supported @Codify thanks for feedback, we designed our method to be GF- friendly ;)

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