Finally - the bed desk has arrived!

We've all asked the eternal question 'why are there no beds at work?'. And there really has never been a satisfactory answer- UNTIL NOW.

Designers at Studio NL have finally unveiled a prototype 'concept' for a bed desk. It's pretty basic; essentially a table with a Fritzl-esque manky mattress underneath, but it comes with an under-desk monitor, meaning that busy bees and night owls can 'optimise snoozing solutions going forward' whenever they like.

Sadly there's no shelf for your alarm clock and eye mask, but as a slave who lives in the office, you'll probably be naturally awoken by work-related anxiety anyway.

In honour of this fine new invention, let us take a moment to briefly observe the master of under-desk sleeping, Mr George Costanza. Show 'em how it's done, George.


  • Amy
    This is brilliant!
  • chewbacca
    I love this it's hilarious

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