Finally, it's yours to own! Two royals, one cup!

It's an easy mistake for any souvenir manufacturer to make - one has a lot of hair for a bald guy, like Michael Bolton; the other is ginger and dresses up as a Nazi for kicks. Hats off to Guandong Enterprises Limited!

Bitterwallet - royal wedding wrong prince

It may possibly be "the fairytale romantic union of all the centuries" but somebody ought to let Prince William know about it first.

Thanks to avid Bitterwallet reader Adam


  • Mike U.
    Look at Harry's grin in the picture, seems he's already showing her the royal sword!!
  • Alexis
    Oh dear. What is Harry Hewitt doing on there?
  • Nick T.
    Funny... but sadly fake. :( Web URL registered from Guildford.
    [...] 8. Beautiful Royal Wedding commemorative mug. Just one teeny weeny problem… – BW [...]

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