Finally, Amazon introduce free Super Saver Delivery for all

Picture 3 Good news for Amazon shoppers (courtesy of HotUKDeals member pheonix322) – the online retailer have dropped their £5 minimum spend that allowed customers to qualify for free Super Saver Delivery.

The days of faffing about trying to find a suitable filler item in order to qualify for free shipping are over. As of RIGHT NOW, you can spend any amount, however small and piffling and as long as you select the Super Saver Delivery, you won’t have to fork out for shipping.

Don’t forget though, the free delivery isn’t automatic as it is with other online retailers – you’ll still have to select it from the delivery options before you pay for your order.

Remember when the minimum for Super Saver was a hefty £15? Or when Amazon didn’t even have Super Saver? Honestly, it was like living behind the Iron Curtain or something. Horrible times…


  • Hmm...
    Any point of prime now?
  • Bobbie
    Woohoo. On many occassions I have been put off buy, say a £3.78 book from them due to the delivery kerfuffle, but now that is gone!
  • Gunn
    Received the email today, puts them back in the picture as i'd often use instead for some cheaper items.
  • NobbyB
    Prime is still useful if you want things quickly. Free delivery has been quite quick recently (significantly quicker than their estimates), but if more peolpe are buying, then it might take as long as their estimates.
  • Emma
    This is great news, thanks. I'm the same Gunn, Play were often handier.
  • Adam
    Amazon are awesome!
  • Larry L.
    Never mind £15, it was £25 back in the day!
  • Matt B.
    I read here that it's only available 'til 1st January 2010:
  • Code601
    Does this send via royal mail? Its gonna be mass chaos when the strike comes and ever beggar has 60 amazon packages on the way. bloody streets will be full of undelivered amazon mail
  • Brian
    Looks good to me. There will be a load of people posting shit stuff for 99p at HUKD in the coming days. I can't (& wouldn't) because i am BANNED for using rude words on their site.
  • In f.
    Sweet! So now I can pay nothing for the 2 week delivery! Thank you Amazonians!
  • In f.
    @Brian Your name is Brian. Naughty words???? You effing naught c-word!
  • Hello p.
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