Fight Friday: A pancake brawl for you all

It’s Friday, and in a winding-down-for-the-weekend kinda style, we’ve been amusing ourselves with another in a long, punchy series of brawls that have taken place in places of business. Yes, it’s tenuous; no, we’re not going to stop.

This one is taken from a Denny’s fast food ‘joint’ in the US of America. It isn’t even about bad customer service – in fact it’s apparently a road rage incident that has spilled over into the restaurant itself. So even more tenuous than usual.

Still, it’s got battling women in it, and we’re a bit into that kind of thing...

[Boing Boing]


  • The B.
    Women are way more vicious than men in a fight, I remember at college a couple of birds got into it and 3 blokes had to pull one off the other as she had her on the floor face down and was slamming her face into the floor.
  • iphone u.
    kleenex plz

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