Feral trolley retrieval eating at taxpayers cash

Lest we forget, Bitterwallet is one of the few safe havens that still exists for the poor, misunderstood feral shopping trolley. We’ve taken a vow to always look out for these confused and abandoned specimens that litter our canals, quarries and riverbeds.

Now we learn that retrieving and rejuvenating these poor beasts is stripping as much as £150,000 from the public purse every year, the equivalent of just 18 minutes worth of profit by the leading supermarkets who are supposedly responsible for them.

British Waterways, who have the unenviable task of fishing these wretched beasts out from their watery dwellings are now planning to award a "golden trolley" award to the most environmentally responsible supermarket, and an "off your trolley" prize to the retailer who are content to let these bewildered, squeaky-wheeled old sods to rust to death in the water. We’ll be following the outcome closely.



  • Lumoruk
    Supermarkets get fined £50+ per trolley that is returned.
  • -=Mike H.
    ^^ Cool, so if I go nick some trolleys from TESCO, then return them, I can stand to make £50 a pop? So the taxpayer is going to pay supermarkets AGAIN for a reward for cleaning up trolleys they should be clearing up anyway? Sounds a bit daft to me...
  • Willz
    To be fair these Trolleys have been stolen from the supermarkets, they would rather them be in use and not have to buy new ones. If your property got stolen would expect to pay to get it out of a river?
  • LDR
    You don't need to nick them, they're all over the place. Think I've just found my latest sideline....
  • Bob M.
    £1 a trolley, then £50 for each trolley returned. Only problem is you dont work for the trolley police, or have a life.
  • Lumoruk
    The council get the money, not individuals lol
  • Amanda H.
    £150,000 is a small price to pay to keep thousands of chavs (and chavettes) amused for 10 minutes.
  • acecatcher3
    erm the ban on my account is still up......can we forget about trolleys and deal with this serious issue please.

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