'Feminist weddings' on the rise

In a not particularly scientific or conclusive survey of 200 brides to be, it turns out that women don’t actually give two tits about being given away, or wearing white, or taking the name of their husband.


The poll, carried out by weddingdays.com, reflects a burgeoning trend for ‘feminist weddings’ apparently, where stupid, outdated traditions are given up in favour of more sensible ideas - like dresses you can actually walk in. How very feminist of us!

The survey said that doing away with the engagement ring, choosing not to be given away ‘like property’ and not wearing a veil were some of the decisions modern brides are making these days. A quarter of women said they would be keeping their maiden name, and one in 10 brides weren’t bothering to wear white.

Elki Parmar of weddingdays.com waffled: ‘Some brides are choosing not to wear white on their wedding day, as a woman’s white wedding dress traditionally carries connotations of virginal innocence, whereas what the groom wears on his wedding day is not perceived to be symbolic, creating somewhat of an imbalance from some feminist perspectives.’

All I can say is thank God it's just a trend, because we don't want women making autonomous decisions about their own weddings, do we? I mean, next they'll be wearing dungarees and smoking pipes - RIGHT LADS?


  • Hoover D.
    "thank God it’s just a trend, because we don’t want women making autonomous decisions about their own weddings, do we?" Show me a wedding where the woman doesn't?!
  • Lewis W.
    Feminism = Moaning As Hoover said, the wedding is 99% decided by the woman any way, the man pretty much just shows up and goes along with her show, but obviously he and her father are just oppressing the bride....
  • shiftynifty
    Wow...an article...by Lucy...on a Saturday...well there`s a first
  • Big M.
    Hoover Dam - beat me to it. Lucy, how fucking clueless are you? Take it you've never been married. Trust me, women make ALL the decisions about their weddings. Like spending hundreds of pounds on fucking invites (cardboard) for example. Nice feminist angle though at the end, well done. Try, 'next women will all be wanting cocks to piss with! Can't have that lads! EH?' at the end of EVERY article.
  • Richard
    Guys, don't even comment on this shit. If Lucy and Mof get no reaction to their articles then maybe they'll get replaced eventually. As tempting as it is, telling them how shit they are only gives them the reaction they're after. Also, i'm aware of the fact that i'm now commenting to effectively say they're shit but i'm hoping that the long term benefits outweigh the short term hypocrisy!
  • Not f.
    Piece off Lucy
  • fibbingarchie
    Richard, I like the shit articles, and the shit comments, they're the only reason I come here.
  • Justin A.
    Surely the author of an article isn't meant to be the troll as well?!
  • Sledge68
    One of the great things about being a man is that wedding arrangements just seem to magically take care of themselves. (Also high up on the list is the ability to empty a room just by taking your trainers off.)
  • Lady F.
    Hear hear Lucy! It's about bloody time! If I want to walk down the aisle with my legs, underarms and other areas unshaven, my eyebrows unplucked, in my lady-suit, no ring and no bouquet, ain't no man 'gonna stop me. *Burns bra*
  • Neil
    "doing away with the engagement ring" Sounds good to me!
  • Captain.Cretin
    Censorship Lucy ?? Shame on you, you have proven you have no sense of humour. (My post has been deleted).
  • shakesheadsadly
    How long is it going to take you all to realise that Lucy and Mof are THE SAME PERSON?
  • Jasminehatesnewbarnet
    I would be much more interested in marrying the dishy elegant older vicar with his fluffy floppy grey brown hair, pointed features, tall and blue eyed with an eloquent speaking voice. *sighs * Wonder if any are available for a Kate Bush/Vivian Leigh/Hedy Lamarr type, artist, ex model, no decent men here just all bald scallies. To hang with a feminist wedding. Just give me the vicar.

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