Feel the need? The need for STEED?

Ever taken a ride on a bicycle and thought "hey, I like this getting around on two wheels lark, but I wish there was a way of enhancing the experience somewhat"?

Then HELP IS AT HAND with Trotify.

Trotify describes itself as 'a delightful addition to any bicycle for a rider who likes a touch of whimsy. Simply attach the wooden device to the front of your bike. As your front wheel spins, it mimics the sound of a horse trotting'.

Oh yes, this is a thing now.

If this sounds like your nosebag, take a canter along to Trotify.com where you can order one, and perhaps some mugs and a tote too.

It's the year of the horse after all.


  • sprout
    used to fold up the mudguard on my grifter so it rubbed against the tyre and sounded like a motorbike if that helps
  • Bean
    Are things so desperate at BW HQ that you have to re-cycle stories? See - November 27th, 2012 article trotted out by Andy Dawson New stories please
  • Howard a.
    This was on here years ago.
  • thingonaspring
    certainly was. Attention Shoreditch! Now you can make your bikes sound like horses! November 27th, 2012 took ages to find.
  • Gherkin M.
    Instead of updating the trolley they are just posting stories of a similar vintage now to fool us don't be fooled

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