Feel pity for the brokers with their hands on their faces

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Global markets tumble, countries teeter on the nipple of recession and London is laid to waste by cocksockets who believe poverty equates to not owning a 42" plasma television.

It's not all bad news, though. We featured a similar blog when the US banks first went belly up, and now in these dark days, there's been a surge in popularity for the Brokers with their Hands on their Faces blog - a non-stop parade of very rich men looking very sad that their seven figure bonus has vanished before their eyes.

Feel for them.

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  • The B.
    You're kidding aren't you? Dealers are like bankers, they get their bonus whatever. If the company as a whole doesn't perform well then yes, the bonus pool will go down but if other departments outperform and the dealing floor makes a loss then the dealers will still get a ridiculous bonus and they'll scapegoat a couple of the juniors who'll be out on their ears to cover it up, unfortunately that's the way it works.
  • Dick
    If they put their hands over their face, it means that they spent some of their own hard earned bonus on shares that have just dropped, in addition to cocaine. The ones that don't put their hands over their faces just spent the money on cocaine and hookers.
  • The B.
    And wanky cars, don't forget the wanky cars.
  • Dick
    The first doesn't care about the crisis, he is just discreetly sniffing his fingers.

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